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life groups

At Mountain Valley, we are passionate about sharing Christ's love with our neighbors and with one another. Mountain Valley Life Groups are a great place to make genuine friendships and experience a Biblical community as we share life together. Our groups enjoy meeting on a regular basis in homes or other comfortable environments where we can develop relationships. Life Groups often include eating meals, playing games, laughing together, sharing our joys and struggles, talking through life issues, asking honest questions, exploring the Bible, and praying together. Most importantly, we learn to live authentic Christian lives, find our hope in Christ, and be transformed by His grace. Our groups offer the opportunity to develop our relationship with God, make true friendships and positively impact our community in tangible ways. 

There are various Life groups including: women's, men's, couple's, and all welcome groups. 

To learn more about a life group or to join one, contact one of our friendly facilitators. We look forward to meeting you! 

Wed.    5:30 PM   Full - Temporarily Closed

                Contact: Will Ramos -  will5ramos@gmail.com  - 505-503-5314

Tues.    2:00 PM    Open to All

Contact Dawn & Dan Young- dandawn3y@gmail.com- 505-281-6642

Thurs.   7:00 PM  Open to All

Contact Bill Melidones - woodworker@q.com - 505-281-7962

Wed. 6:30 PM Open to All

Contact: Gary Burch - garyaburch@gmail.com - 505-238-9756

Thurs. 7:00 PM Open to All

Contact: Tom Wallace - ocean66@promessge.com - 505-228-8275

Tues   6:30 PM  Open to Women

Contact Donna Orum - dyorum@aol.com - 505-252-0207

Friday     11:30 PM   Open to Women

                 Contact Kathy Phillips - Kghomestead@gmail.com - 505-249-2138

Life Group study topics change as one study is completed and a new begins.  Find a day and time that works for you and contact the leader for more information.


ministry teams

We were created with the desire to live lives of significance, and God has given each of us gifts and abilities that have the potential to make a difference in the lives of people. We believe the discovery, development, and exercise of those gifts is a primary instrument of Christ to impact the lives of people in our church, our community, and the world. At Mountain Valley, we provide an opportunity for your gifts to be developed and exercised through volunteering for a Ministry Team. Ministry is about putting our love for God and for others into action by serving others. We encourage everyone at Mountain Valley to get involved in a ministry because every volunteer role is vital to impacting our world and creating an environment at Mountain Valley Church where people are more likely to hear from Jesus and experience His love. In fact, all Mountain Valley Church ministry is made up of "teams" of unique, gifted, and committed individuals. By serving, we not only get to demonstrate the love of Jesus for our world, but we also become more like Jesus and we are shaped into the people that we are designed to be. 

We would love to help you connect with a Ministry Team! Please contact our office to join a team today!


Every follower of Jesus has been given the greatest, largest, and most significant cause in history --- sharing the good news of Jesus with our community, our nation, and the world!  God is at work in the world and we are God's plan to impact it as we share tangible evidences of His love.  Apart from living the authentic Christian life daily, we at Mountain Valley hope to be a part of that impact as we plan dynamic and adventurous opportunities to become involved in short term local and global mission projects. 

At Mountain Valley, there are three primary ways that you can engage in missions: 

1. Pray

We pray for the missionaries who are serving, mission teams that we send out, and for the movement of God in unreached people groups. 

2. Give

We support Mountain Valley mission teams by giving financially to support their planned trips. We support mission work around the world by giving to the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and Samaritan's Purse. We support Mountain Valley local mission projects by giving food, clothing, and gifts for struggling individuals and families in our community. We support various local mission projects including: Angel Tree Ministry, Albuquerque Rescue Mission and CareNet Pregnancy Center. 

3. Go

We take teams locally and globally to serve, build, feed, clothe, teach and share the love of Jesus. Our mission team is here to help you get involved in great ways that you can share the love of Jesus locally and globally.