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Every follower of Christ has been given the greatest, largest, and most significant cause in history -- sharing the good news of Jesus with our community, our nation, and the world!  God is at work in the world and we are part of God's plan to impact it as we share tangible evidences of His love.  We at Mountain Valley Church hope to be a part of that impact as we plan dynamic and adventurous opportunities to become involved in short term local and global mission projects.

At Mountain Valley Church, there are three primary ways that you can engages in missions:

1. Pray

We pray for the missionaries who are serving mission teams that we send out and for the movement of God in unreached people groups.

For the week of :

May 26 - Pray for the Navajo Nation that God would begin preparing the people's hearts to hear His Word.  In July we are teaming up with Faith Baptist Church (NJ) and Higher Ground Church (NM) to share the Gospel through VBS to the Navajo Nation.

May 19 - Pray for Raechel Ostic and Brianna Rigdon as they go to Denver for the summer.

1. Pray for protection.

2. Pray for divine appointments to share their faith.

3. Pray that God would use this trip to change the hearts of Raechel and Brianna.

4. Pray that God would use the team to make an impact as they serve the churches in Denver.

May 12 - Pray for Randy and Joan in Slovenia.  

1. Praise for being a part of ordaining leadership in one of their former churches in Manibor.

2. Praise for the baptism of a single man.  This was a very important step for him.  His family and friends are pressuring him in a negative way.  He has been boldly sharing his faith.

3. Team members Sarah and Ryan just had a healthy baby.  Pray for their adjustments.

May 5 - Pray for the Christians of Bangladesh.  As devout Muslims begin Ramadan this month, pray for the believers who live among them.  It is always difficult to be a Christian in a mainly Muslim country, but the spiritual battle becomes more intense during this time when Muslims seek Allah through fasting.  Pray for spiritual strength for believers.  Pray for boldness for believers so they may be ready, even in this season, to give a reason for the hope that they have.
April 28 - Pray for the Isaan of Thailand.  The Isaan Team has prayed for a breakthrough for many months.  They have begun to see Isaan men, women, and children come to faith.  Many Isaan people are hungry for the truth that transforms their lives.  Please continue to pray for a major spiritual breakthrough in northeast Thailand through the work of this team and other Great Commission Christians who are proclaiming Christ.  Pray that they will all go out with prepared hearts in the power of the Holy Spirit to find Isaan people hungry for life-changing truth.

April 21 - Pray for the Chuabo People of Mozambique.  Every year on Easter Sunday, many Chuabo churches gather to have a joint celebration by worshiping together and sharing a meal.  This is also a time of encouragement for churches, especially those that are weak and need help.  Pray for this day to be kingdom focused and that each participant will feel God's love for him or her in a very special way.  Pray for the pastors and churches to be an encouragement to each other as they serve the Lord every day.

April 14 - Pray for the Wiwa People of Colombia.  Please pray for a research trip that our Valledupar Team will be taking on April 15-17.  Our goal will be to better understand the Tayrona culture from which the indigenous groups of today descended.  Also pray as we meet and study with Scotty (name changed), a Wiwa believer who wants to partner with our team in reaching his people.

April 7 - Pray for the Khmer People of Cambodia.  Praise the Lord for 20 Khmer believers who made a public confession of faith by being baptized!  Please pray that these new followers will grow in wisdom and in love for the Lord by faithful devotion to the study of the Scriptures and obedience to God's commands.

March 31 - Pray for the Navajo Nation that God would begin preparing their hearts to hear His word.  In July, we are teaming up with Faith Baptist (NJ) and Higher Ground (NM) to share the Gospel through a VBS.

2. Give

We support the Mountain Valley Missions teams by giving financially to support their planned trips.  We support mission work around the world by giving to the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and Samaritan's Purse.  We support Mountain Valley local mission projects by giving food, clothing, and gifts for struggling individuals and families in our community.  We support various local mission projects including Angel Tree, Steelbridge, and CareNet Pregnancy Center.

For more information:  https://www.namb.net, https://www.imb.org

3. Go

We take teams locally and globally to serve, build, feed, clothe, teach, and share the love of Jesus.  Our mission team is here to help you get involved so that you can share the love of Jesus locally and globally.

Navajo Nations Mission Trip

MVC is teaming up with Higher Ground Church (Farmington, NM) and Faith Baptist Church (Hamilton, NJ) for a VBS to the Navajo Nation during July 21-29.

We are in need of the following:

1.  Families to host those coming from New Jersey (Saturday, 7/20; Saturday, 7/27; Sunday, 7/28)

2.  Volunteers from MVC to help with:

     Canvassing - 7/21-7/23

     VBS - 7/24-7/26

     Tear down - 7/27

3.  Vans - We are in need of transportation for the NJ team to/from the airport, transportation to/from Farmington.

If you can help in any of the above ways, please let us know at the Connection Center.