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Every follower of Christ has been given the greatest, largest, and most significant cause in history -- sharing the good news of Jesus with our community, our nation, and the world!  God is at work in the world and we are part of God's plan to impact it as we share tangible evidences of His love.  We at Mountain Valley Church hope to be a part of that impact as we plan dynamic opportunities to become involved in short term local and global mission projects.

At Mountain Valley Church, there are three primary ways that you can engages in missions:

1. Pray

We pray for the missionaries who are serving mission teams that we send out and for the movement of God in unreached people groups.

For the week of :

July 21 - Pray for the Navajo Nation Mission Trip.

1.  Pray that God will lead His people past barriers to hearts ready to receive His Word.

2.  Pray that those going will have boldness to overcome the fear of embarrassment or failure.

3.  Pray that God's Word will indeed spread rapidly and be honored wherever it goes.

4.  Pray that God will change the hearts of those who are resistant to His Word.

5.  Pray for protection and provision during travel - for those traveling from New Jersey and for all who travel to Farmington throughout the week.

6.  Pray for the salvation of souls and the strengthening of believers.

July 14 - Pray for VBS.

1.  Pray for God-honoring relationships to be established.

2.  Pray that every activity will clearly communicate Jesus' love.

3.  Pray that God would soften hearts and transform lives during VBS.

4.  Pray for any kids who are discouraged, lonely, or struggling to feel encouraged, uplifted and better connected.

5.  Pray that the Gospel will be preached boldly and that God will enable even the most skeptical to believe in Jesus and put their trust in Him.

6.  Pray for a weak of good weather (no rain, not too hot, etc.) and for safety during all activities, travel times, and during drop-off and pick-up times.

July 7 - Pray for the MVC Youth.  The youth leave on July 8 for Durango. CO, to attend YM 360's GENERATE Youth Camp.  Here are some specifics to pray for:

1.  Pray for God to break their hearts over their sins and to start a revival in their hearts.  Maybe they need to become a Christian at camp.

2.  Pray that God would give them a thirst for His Word.

3.  Pray for them to be open to What God has to say, through Bible reading and the speakers.

4.  Pray for them to be refreshed and that their spiritual battery pack would be recharged so they will be ready to start back to school.

5.  Pray that God would use this week to prepare them to share the Gospel in their schools when they go back.

6.  Pray for safe travel to and from camp and for safety and health at camp.

7.  Pray for strength and energy for the leaders as they strive to keep up with the youth.

8.  Pray that the leaders would connect with the youth and would be able to speak into their lives.

June 30 - Pray for MVC Vacation Bible School.  In a few weeks, we will be welcoming kids for VBS.  Here are a few specific ways to pray for VBS, inviting God to make it a powerful week of ministry.

1.  Ask for God to begin preparing, softening, and opening kids' hearts to take in the seeds of God's Word.

2.  Ask God to pour His wisdom into the leaders as they interact with kids, giving them the right words to say and actions to reflect the heart of God.

June 23 - Pray for Eli Stanton.  This summer, Eli Stanton is working with GENERATE Youth Camp.  Sound familiar?  Yes!  It's the same youth camp our teens will be attending in a few weeks.  Pray for safety for Eli and her team as they travel from city to city, setting up and running the camps.  Pray for the teens who attend, that their hearts to be open to God's Word.  Our youth are excited to see Eli in CO during youth camp!

June 16 - Pray for the Haiti Mission Trip.  Riley and Angela Robinson are teaming up with a few others to serve the country of Haiti.  The will be gone June 17 - 25.  Be praying for them as they travel and share the love of Jesus with the country of Haiti.

June 9 - Pray for the Aegean Turks of Turkey.  This month will end a time of daily fasting for the Aegean Turks who have been observing Ramadan.  Please pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to those who have been seeking to please God through fasting.  Pray for believers to have opportunities to share about what Christ has done to set Aegean Turks free from working to earn their salvation. 

June 2 - Pray for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  Congolese believers are seeing the lives of those from different people groups being transformed when they hear God's Word in story form in their Bibleless languages.  Missionaries are calling for more Congolese trainers to be instructed in orality and Bible storying methods.  Ask God to call Congolese workers into this specific harvest field.

2. Give

We support the Mountain Valley Missions teams by giving financially to support their planned trips.  We support mission work around the world by giving to the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and Samaritan's Purse.  We support Mountain Valley local mission projects by giving food, clothing, and gifts for struggling individuals and families in our community.  We support various local mission projects including Angel Tree, Steelbridge, and CareNet Pregnancy Center.

For more information:  https://www.namb.net, https://www.imb.org

3. Go

We take teams locally and globally to serve, build, feed, clothe, teach, and share the love of Jesus.  Our mission team is here to help you get involved so that you can share the love of Jesus locally and globally.

Navajo Nations Mission Trip

MVC is teaming up with Higher Ground Church (Farmington, NM) and Faith Baptist Church (Hamilton, NJ) for a VBS to the Navajo Nation during July 21-29.

We are in need of the following:

1.  Families to host those coming from New Jersey (Saturday, 7/20; Saturday, 7/27; Sunday, 7/28)

2.  Volunteers from MVC to help with:

     Canvassing - 7/21-7/23

     VBS - 7/24-7/26

     Tear down - 7/27

If you can help in any of the above ways, please let us know at the Connection Center.