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Every follower of Christ has been given the greatest, largest, and most significant cause in history -- sharing the good news of Jesus with our community, our nation, and the world!  God is at work in the world and we are part of God's plan to impact it as we share tangible evidences of His love.  We at Mountain Valley Church hope to be a part of that impact as we plan dynamic opportunities to become involved in short term local and global mission projects.

At Mountain Valley Church, there are three primary ways that you can engage in missions:

1. Pray

We pray for the missionaries who are serving on mission teams that we send out and for the movement of God in unreached people groups.

For the week of :

November 10:  Pray for Marc and Haley, Central Asia.  Haley has been able to use baby visits and rotational teas to build relationships with women.  Pray that God will use this for her to share the Gospel.  Pray that their sports platform will be effective and fruitful.  Pray for proclamation amidst turmoil.  They are facing border strife and economic troubles.  Fear, confusion, pride, worry, and hate fill people's minds.  Pray for wisdom as Marc and Haley try to clearly, boldly, and fully articulate the Gospel into this challenging conversational environment.

November 3:  Pray for Mike and Morgan, East Asia.  Pray for safe travels and productive meetings as Mike and Morgan will both be travelling to lead and attend trainings throughout November.  Pray also that they are able to share Christ with several new, non-believing families in their school communities.  Pray for their son, Noah (9).  He will be having in-patient dental surgery and will be hospitalized for at least 3 days.  Pray for a safe, successful procedure and minimal pain.  

October 27:  Pray for Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Hindus make up approximately 10% of the population of Dhaka, Bangladesh.  The majority of the people there are Muslim.  Beginning Sunday, Hindus will celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights, all over the city.  Diwali is a symbol of victory in which light triumphs over darkness and good over evil.  Pray for Bangladeshi believers to share intentionally, during this holiday, about the true Light and the victory found in Jesus.

October 20:  Pray for Connect Peru.  A team from Curtis Baptist Church in Augusta, GA, is a part of an extended mission trip to the town of Omas, Peru.  This church had a long time partnership in that area and has been praying for a Peruvian partner.  Pray for Andrew, who has laid the groundwork, and for the team, who has been serving since October 11 and will remain until October 27.  Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to work as the team shares God's truth in Scripture through oral stories.  Please also pray for health for the team.

October 13:  Pray for Pastor Vragne in Haiti.  Please be in prayer for Pastor Vragne as he tries to find rice to buy and transfer to Blanquette.  Violence has taken over the streets in Haiti and it's difficult to even find food to buy because people are afraid they will be attacked and robbed by gangs controlling to roads.  Unlike some areas in Haiti, nothing grows in Blanquette and they are dependent on food from other areas. 

October 6:  Pray for Kit and Stacey Klein, Paris, France.   The Kleins will be joining other workers in Paris for a special week of concentrated prayer for "The City of Lights."  Please pray each day for the following:

10/7:  "The Paris City Team"  Pray that the IMB Paris City Team would be overwhelmingly unified and close to one another, that they would continually grow in language acquisition, and that they would have great wisdom for how to engage the city of Paris.  Pray 1 Peter 3:8 over the 10 adults and 13 children on the team.

10/8:  "The Church in Paris"  The evangelical church in Paris has a long history of being a misunderstood minority.  Pray that the church in Paris would expand her vision for engaging the lost city around her and be equipped through discipleship and leadership development.  Pray Romans 12:1-2, asking the Father to renew the mind of His church in Paris.

10/9:  "Core Task of Discipleship"  God commanded us to go and make disciples of all nations.  France is home to 95 people groups with 87 of them being unreached.  Pray that the church in Paris would BE brought into discipling relationships and then would go and MAKE disciples from the 11 million hopeless people living in in the Paris Ile-de-France region.  Pray that the Lord would make His word in Matthew 28:18-20 a reality in Paris.

10/10:  "Core Task Evangelism"  Every week the team shares the gospel in both personal relationships and among those they meet in Paris.  Though they are most often met with the response, "I'm an atheist.  I don't believe," they are surprised at how many people will discuss spirituality but are not open to seeking truth in the person of Jesus.  Pray John 6:44 and Romans 10:5-11 over the 11 million hopeless people of Paris.

10/11:  "Parisians"  Though they live in the "City of Lights," Parisians are just depressed and hopeless people living in this metropolis.  There is a saying:  "Metro, Boulot, Dodo" which translates:  "Travel, Work, Sleep."  Pray 1 Peter 1:3-9 and ask the Father to draw these stylish but empty people into a Living Hope that will transform them.

10/12:  "People Group Focus:  South Asians"  The French language is slated to be the most spoken language in the world by 2050.  Paris already attracts French-speaking immigrants from Noth and West Africa, as well as immigrants from eastern Europe, Asia, and South America!  Pray for the estimated 250K South Asian immigrants in Paris who are working difficult jobs while trying to support families,  learn the language, and survive in a cold culture.  Ask the One who sits on the throne in Revelation 7:9-12 to draw to Himself and save south Asians in Paris.

10/13:  "Families"  The family unity is devastatingly broken in France.  Families are strained through the secular imposition of work, school, and the rigorous expectations of education.  Pray that GRACE and STRENGTH would invade believing families and that the discipleship of the church would reach into marriages and families to address their needs.  Pray Ephesians 5:22-6:4 and ask God to extend His influence into families to strengthen and restore them.

2. Give

We support the Mountain Valley Missions teams by giving financially to support their planned trips.  We support mission work around the world by giving to the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and Samaritan's Purse.  We support Mountain Valley local mission projects by giving food, clothing, and gifts for struggling individuals and families in our community.  We support various local mission projects including Angel Tree, Steelbridge, and CareNet Pregnancy Center.

For more information:  https://www.namb.net, https://www.imb.org

3. Go

We take teams locally and globally to serve, build, feed, clothe, teach, and share the love of Jesus.  Our mission team is here to help you get involved so that you can share the love of Jesus locally and globally.