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Worship Arts Ministry

The mission of the Mountain Valley Church Worship Arts team is to live a life of worship that overflows into corporate worship, where Jesus is exalted and people are edified.  Requirements and responsibilities for Worship Arts service are outlined in the covenant below.

Mountain Valley Worship Arts Covenant


As a corporate worship leader, I am called to a higher standard. I represent Mountain Valley Church and I am a reflection or window for non-believers to ‘see’ Jesus, as well as leading our church members to celebrate a life of worship. We are all leaders, not just the designated Worship Leader. I therefore covenant with MVC and God to this higher calling in the following ways:

1.  Character

   A.  Relationship to God

        a. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, receiving His free gift of Salvation, not by my works, but by His grace.  (John 3:16)

        b. I have been scripturally baptized.  (Matthew 3:15)

   B.  Living a Life Reflecting Jesus

        a.  I will commit to a God honoring lifestyle.  (Romans 8:1-17, 1 Cor

        10:23). I will strive to understand what that is through study, counsel

        and prayer. I will be open to biblically appropriate counsel by the

        Church leadership when necessary.  (Matthew 18:15-17)

   C.  Spiritual Growth

         a.  I commit to continually growing and maturing in my Christian

         walk, striving to be more Christ like in all of my life. I understand I

         will fall short and stumble, but will ask forgiveness and repent

         when I do. (1 John1:9) (2 Cor 5 17-21). In order to  facilitate    

         growth, I will attend a small group and/or serve in another

         ministry at MVC.

2.  Commitment

     A.  Being a Private Worshiper  (Psalm 42: 1-2)

          a.  I will have regular time in personal Bible study and prayer, 

          more than Sunday, daily is the goal.  (Acts 17:11)

          b.  I will find regular time just to worship, which could be reading

          psalms, prayer, writing, singing, or playing my instrument,

          watching the sunrise, painting, etc.-whatever I do where I dwell on

          God’s attributes and worship Him

    B.  Church attendance

          a.  I will be a regular church attendee.  (Heb 10:25)

          b.  I will be under the teaching of the Word of God in Sunday


    C.  Timeliness

          a.  Time is a precious commodity and should be respected. I

          commit to being on time for rehearsals and Sunday morning warm

          up and for start times of the second and third service.  (1 Peter 2:17)

    D.  Preparedness

          a.  I commit to developing my skills to the highest that they can

          be.  (Psalm 33:3)

          b.  I will come to rehearsal having studied the music (listening to

          tracks, studying lead sheets), noting difficulties, and identifying

          sections that I need help with.

          c.  I will strive to develop my individual abilities with study and

          practice on my instrument/voice, seeking help/aids and/or

          training that will develop me further.  An individual

          improvement plan will be developed with the Worship Director

          and reviewed semi-annually.

          d.  I will prepare for the services I am leading in by praying, and

          dwelling on God’s attributes in order to get myself into the right

          ‘heart set’ to worship.

          e.  For Tech leaders: I will learn the Sound board and  

          ProPresentor and work with the worship leaders to reduce

          distractions and provide a quality presentation

2.  Attitude

I will try to have an attitude of ‘heroic deference’. This means I will think of God first then others as I contribute and lead others to worship. I will subordinate my preferences and desires if they are not conducive to the direction as presented by the Pastor and Worship Team Leader.  (Luke 10: 30-37)

    A.  Flexibility

         a.  I will be flexible, singing or playing a different part, or on a

         different rehearsal or service schedule as needed, and as my

         outside schedule allows.

         b.  I will be open to instruction and learning new methods, styles, 

         etc.  (Pvbs 19:20, Pvbs 16:20)

    B.  Teamwork  (Joshua 6)

         a.  I understand it is not about me, that I will be a team player, 

         playing and singing as directed for the good of the whole team

         and the worship direction. I understand I am free to suggest and

         recommend ideas, songs, etc. as long as it supports the goal of

         leading our church in worship. I understand that the Worship Team

         is not a dictatorship, but at times the Worship Team Leader must

         make decisions that may not incorporate my suggestions.

    C.  Stage Presence/Appearance

          a.  I will strive to smile, make eye contact, and engage the

          congregation as I lead. I will let God’s spirit direct me in my

          leading. Moderation will be my guiding principle. I will excuse

          myself from participating from a service if I cannot honestly

          worship due to personal reasons.

          b.  I will dress in a manner that is not distracting or a stumbling  

          block for others.  (1 Cor 10:32)

    D.  Communication

          a.  I will discuss problems with the music, with others in the team,  

          etc. in a manner that is respectful and biblically appropriate.

          b.  I will communicate to the Worship Team Leader any schedule

          problems with being late, or missing rehearsals, etc..

3.  Stewardship

     A.  Equipment

          a.  I will take care of the Church equipment, as well as others  

          personal equipment.  Turning off and storing equipment properly

          when done, not abusing any equipment,

    B.  Music

         a.  I will be responsible for my lead sheets (if given out) and bring

         them to rehearsal and service.

    C.  Cleanliness

         a.  I will strive to keep the stage and church clean, leaving it clean

         and uncluttered after every use. This includes cable management, 

         trash, and stage floor appearance.



I realize that some of these things are easy and natural for me and others will be a work in progress.

I covenant with the Worship Arts Ministry and, Mountain Valley Church to abide by these items and continually progress in areas I need to improve.

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