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Ignite youth group

God is the Great Redefiner.  At the heart of what it means to know and experience God is the process of redefinition.  God defines what it means to be new.  God spoke a new creation out of nothing into existence, redefining our existence.  Through the person and work of Christ, God makes complete renewal possible for all who would come to faith in Him, redefining our reality.  In the salvation offered by God, we discover a new identity, redefining who we are.  And in discovering who God meant for us always to be, our purpose is redefined.

At Mountain Valley Church, we want to impact the lives of our young people with the message of Christ in an environment that is rewarding, engaging, and exciting.  We are eager to help each and every young person grow personally and spiritually.  Our activities are geared toward the needs of our youth and we strive to balance the fun stuff with the serious stuff.

We meet Sundays at 10:40 am, during second service.  We are beginning a new series on Advent, Behold The Savior.  Please see Pastor Jamie for a devotional booklet.

We also meet Wednesday evenings, 5:45 pm - 8 pm -  join us for snacks, games, a lesson, and prayer.

Our next YAC (Youth After Church) will be our Christmas party which will be held at the church.  More information to come...

We are planning for our New Year's event...instead of New Year's Eve, we will be celebrating New Year's Adam - 12/30.  See Pastor Jamie to help with planning or if you have any questions.

In the New Year, when Café Nights move to Wednesdays, Ignite Youth Group will change our meeting time to 6-8 pm.  This will allow our youth and their families to enjoy a meal and fellowship prior to youth group.  Please let us know if you have any questions about this change.

We would love to have you join us. For more information, please contact our Family Pastor, Jamie Duke, at jamie@mountainvalley.org.