Statement of Faith

From the time of the Apostles to today, Christians have laid out doctrine (beliefs) in brief, definitive statements. As those who know God, we believe it is necessary to present the fundamental truths of our church in a concise fashion as guided by scripture. Our statement of faith is a summary of the Bible's most important teachings. We do not believe that God inspires these statements of faith, but we believe they help summarize inspired words so that, as a church, we can all agree that we are reading scripture the same way. Mountain Valley Church affirms two statements of faith. The Baptist Faith & Message 2000 is a recently written statement of faith, while the New Hampshire Confession of 1833 reminds us of our connection to a historical faith. These Statements of Faith summarize essential Christian beliefs, show unity in Christ, and guard the church from error.

Church Covenant

We covenant together as part of the New Covenant that centers around Jesus. You will not find this covenant word for word in the Bible because, like our Statement of Faith is a summary of what the Bible tells us to believe, this Covenant is a summary of how the Bible calls us to live together. This Covenant dates back to Baptist churches in the 1900s, and you should recognize the phrases as direct quotations from scripture.